Happy New Year, Madison


Happy New Year, Madison. I fell in love with you from afar and six months ago staked my claim here via home purchase. I spent last night with friends, an annual tradition, and found myself once again raving about our town and the many advantages afforded to people who live here.

It's been a fun and favorable experience for a non-native New Jerseyan to finally find a place that cultivates creativity and community and embraces the endeavors of its citizens with a fervor and ferocity that feels rare these days. Moreover, it's a pleasure and privilege to extend myself to you each week through the magic that is A Madison Mom. Blogs like this are the neighborly hand of social media, which help us connect and conspire more effectively.

I hope as you anticipate 2018 you feel compelled to delve deeper into our community and to find a project or passion that manifests itself in Madison. This is one of a few resolutions I've made for myself and I thought today was the perfect day to share my ideas and inspirations with you.

The Block Party

I'm all in when it comes to spearheading a block party this summer.  How well do you know your neighbors? Think about making it the year to seek out and savor the neighborhood community.

The Meet Up Mission

I've lived a lot of places and social media has been responsible for a lot of mommy and me relationships and adventures. I am hoping to foster a meetup or playgroup for families in a variety of settings that caters to folks in various scenarios. From a stay-at-home parent to a working family, there's so much to do and see in Madison and it's always fun to explore together. Who will you meet up and play with this year?

The Thing

As parents, we're spread entirely too thin these days. I'd love to do it all, be it all, and have it all for myself and the family but I can't pretend perfection is possible. I want to find one thing that I can dedicate my time and talent to and serve it well. I'm thinking after this year that I might just seek out the all-volunteer Christmas committee and see how I can add to the magic of a very merry Madison.

So onward we go to 2018. Shop local, foster friendships, and keep making this place we call home special.