Happy Family

We had our annual family portraits taken on Monday since the girls were off of school. I had purchased an insane coupon package from mom.com (which stopped doing group coupon deals now) for the Picture People.  SO much nicer to go to Picture People on a weekday (even if it was a holiday).  The mall was packed... and I think we parked further away from the entrance than I've ever parked... but the portrait studio was really quick to get us in and then spent a lot of time trying out a lot of different poses.

I'm pretty happy with what we came home with.  It was actually really easy for us to decide on which pose we liked (for a change).  Usually Nick and I end up liking 2 different things... so we end up getting some of each.  This year we were totally in agreement.

I just love this picture of all of us!

Even though we went in just for our family photo... I can't resist when they ask if we want a couple shots of the girls alone.  Zoe and Ana were in full cooperation mode for the photographer.  (Why can't they do that for me anymore???)

I smile every time I look at this photo.

I had to get a copy of this photo too.  Ana isn't looking right at the camera... but I love how Zoe is holding Ana and how Ana is leaning on her big sister. 

Sisters who totally love each other... most of the time.

So... we had a successful portrait session I think.  It was quick and painless.  The girls were so well behaved.  It just gets easier and easier since the girls love to ham it up for the camera (as long as it's being held by anyone but Mom).

I just want to mention that the gorgeous sweaters (that I am madly in love with) were a Christmas gift from our tenant.  He has to be the greatest tenant on Earth.  As far as I'm concerned he can just rent our extra space forever!