Happy 5th Birthday Ana!

Ana is totally and absolutely 5 years old today.  Honestly... we felt like she was 5 about 2 years ago.  Now we'd swear she was 6 or 7.

Ana at 5

Ana at 5

Ana is the fanciest girl I know.  There aren't enough fancy headbands, necklaces, sparkling dresses, or tutus in the world (as far as Ana is concerned).  We often say she's made of glitter.  Ana is a ball of energy.  She's rarely still.  Even while she sleeps she moves around enough to make it look like her hair has been through a tornado.  If you sit in a booth next to her at dinner... expect to bounce around a bit.  Ana loves tomatoes, but hates cucumbers.  She would eat ketchup by the spoonful if I let her.  Since Christmas she's been carrying around a large "Gingerbread Hello Kitty" with her wherever she goes.  Ana hates long walk... and forget about running.  She loves swimming.  She's afraid of her bike.  She is beyond scared of bugs.  If a bug (of any kind) comes near her she screams like she's being murdered.  Ana can read.  Like, REALLY read.  She just suddenly started reading one day, and if she doesn't think about it... she can pick up ANY book or random pamphlet and read like a pro.  She started randomly reading about 6 months or more ago.  It's slightly scary to have a reader at 4.

I know everyone thinks their kid is smart... but Ana is scary smart.  The things that come out of her brain keep us on our toes, constantly.  A while ago I looked at her and asked "Ana, are you going to be an Evil Genius?"  Her answer... with all seriousness... was "I'm not evil."

Oh Ana... slow down and be 5 for a while.