Happy 2nd Birthday!

Zoe 2 yr - 4.JPG

Dear Zoe,

You are 2 years old today. 2 whole years. Where did that time go? How have you become such a big girl?

It really seems like just in the last week you've really outgrown being a "baby". Someone, somewhere, flipped a switch... and you're a big toddler girl now.

You're really talking. I mean, you've been "talking" for a while. But all of a sudden we can really understand almost everything you say. You have figured out that you know what you want... and can ask for it. I don't know about Daddy... but when you ask Mommy for something, I sure do have a hard time saying no. Guess I'll have to work on that. I can't be giving you cookies for breakfast just because you can suddenly say "cookie peese?"

And, after trying to let you have lunch while sitting in a chair instead of your high chair, I realize it's not quite a good idea yet... even when you do say "no chair Mommy, other chair". You even climbed up all by yourself and did a pretty good job. Doesn't work too well though. More pizza ended up on the floor than in your mouth.

You're newest question is "my try?" This seems to be your combination of "my turn" and "can I try?" This request has been pretty easy so far. Usually it's when you want something, like to write with a pencil, or look at a book... but sometimes it's because you want the scissors, or Mommy's iced coffee. You are so persistent. Repeating "my try, my try?!?" Guess I'll need to find some safety scissors for you... and maybe start drinking decaf (maybe).

You walked down the stairs all by yourself for the first time. Usually I walk in front of you... or you hold my hand. Sometimes we bump down the stairs. This time you told me "no Mommy" and pushed me back away from the stairs. You walked to the railing, held on, and went for it. You did such a good job. No falling for you. You took a second to check back and make sure I was still waiting at the top. When you got to the bottom we cheered and you announced "OK Mommy" and off you ran.

You're doing so very many things. So many new things you weren't doing just last week. So many things that I know I won't ever be able to write them all down. Hopefully I'll be able to jot down enough. Write down the things that really stand out.

You're getting so big.
Too big, too fast.
I have to remember you're not a baby anymore.
I'll try to keep up.


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