Handmade With Angst: Making Holiday Gifts And Losing Your Mind


I'm participating in a Secret Santa this year, and on a whim (okay, it was due to lack of money, that was the whim) I decided to crochet the gift. Sure it's time consuming, and frustrating at times, but it's personal! And loving! And not a dang candle from Bath and Body Works because that's not personal or whimsical and oh my lands, that would be so much easier, what was I THINKING?


Handmade gifts are a great way to celebrate the holidays, especially with kids, but they can also be incredibly frustrating, and the mess. OH the mess. So let's go through the thought process of making a gift, and  the chaos that ensues, shall we?


This is going the be the greatest gift ever! The person I'm making it for will be so happy to know that I made this with my own two hands and that I was thinking about them when I made it, they will weep with joy when they see this. I am chock full of good ideas, and this will be my greatest. I just have to start doing it. Which I will do as soon as I drink this coffee/get home from work/get the kids to bed/wake up the next day.


I have so much  time to make this. It's not even December 1, I have nothing BUT time to make this, the greatest present ever created, for my loved one/friend  who will treasure it for the remainder of their days. I just have to start it, which I will do as soon as I get back from the Girl Scout meeting today.


Okay, I have carved out this time for creating this one of a kind gift, and I have all my crafting supplies, which I really have to organize, so let's do that first. TIME PASSES Okay, that's done. Oops, have to pick  up the kids, so I'll have to do this later. I'll just leave the supplies out on the table, because I'm going to get right back to this after dinner. TIME PASSES Okay, who made this mess! There are popsicle sticks everywhere, the yarn is cobwebbed all over the room, and WHO LEFT THE GLITTER OPEN?!?! Oh. That was me? Very well then, I'll just clean this all up and start fresh tomorrow with my crafting kit, which will be so well organized the gift will make itself, practically. That's what's going to happen. Tomorrow.




The gift has to go in the mail WHEN? I haven't started, the glitter is all over the cat, the kids have broken all the popsicle sticks, the glue is dried out, the yarn is in a tangled ball that will never get untangled, so let's just chuck that in the garbage, and I am so stressed out I can't see straight. This was going to be so special! So whimsical! So much for that, I guess. I am a holiday failure. I am the actual worst. I can't believe I let it get this bad. I need a crafting intervention. Or at least a Pinterest board about getting glitter off the cat.


There. I have wrapped this lovely candle from Bath and Body Works in a festive bow, and that's good enough. Thank goodness I am so full of good ideas.