Halloween - The quick version.

Halloween started off pleasantly enough. Everyone just loves a little pumpkin.
Then a little witch showed up for a while.
The witch left... and then a while later we had a bat show up. (Zoe made sure to tell everyone "I'm a bat, see my wings?!?" and whenever anyone would say "Oh look! A scary bat!" she would say "I'm not a scary bat! I'm a nice bat!")
Then we were infested with a family of skunks. Pee-you-stinky! (Cousins Larisa, Alex, and Nina went trick-or-treating with us.)
We had a lovely Halloween family photo taken. (Zoe's like "Alright already, enough with the camera. Let's trick-or-treat."... Ana's like "Enough! It's bad enough you dress me up like this... now you have to take pictures too???" Mommy's got on cat ears... but lost her cat tail. Daddy's wearing a creepy skull t-shirt. But... look... family photo!)
We had a really fun time, but thank goodness it's all over.
And, thanks to the candy, I'm making it through the time change.
And everyone lived happily ever after.
The end.