Greed in Paradise (book review)

Greed in Paradise was written by Deborah Brown.  It is the 5th book in the Paradise series.  This post has been organized by Beck Valley Books.  I was provided with a copy in exchange for my honest book review.  All opinions are my own.

About the book:

Tears will fall, hearts will pound, and bullets will fly in Greed in Paradise...

Just when Madison and Fab think it's safe to dip their sexy bodies into the cool tropical waters of paradise, they get the shock of their lives when a friend and business partner turns up dead and they discover they've been written into his will. But nothing is what it seems, as the women find out.

There are deadly secrets brewing beneath the surface of Tarpon Cove. Come along on a steamy, thrilling adventure as the two try to find out why their friend suddenly died--seemingly, without cause.

The fifth book in the series finds our sleuths waist deep in sexual tension, flinging barbs, and dodging bullets.

Deborah Brown's Paradise series is packed with Action, Romance, Intrigue, Mystery and Suspense. Oh... did I forget to mention the humor makes for a fast and enjoyable read? These books will be difficult to put down!

Greed in Paradise, is the fifth novel in Deborah Brown's Paradise series, which can be also read as a stand alone book.

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"If you have a broken heart and want to eat a bag of Kit-Kats while wishing for someone else's life, then you need this book."

"Well written, a wide-range of unforgettable characters, heat and sex, then add a slice of humor that makes the romp an even cheekier ride."

"If you're lying by a pool somewhere in the Florida'll want this book to take your mind off the mosquitoes."

My review:

Deborah Brown continues to share Madison's fun and wacky adventure.  I love that she somehow continues to come up with slightly silly cases for Madison and Fab to solve.  The two of them continue to get into trouble but always seem to find a way out... or someone to save them.  The one big mystery (the death of Gus Ivers) plays throughout the book... but the other smaller cases keep the pages turning.  I love that until the last page... Deborah Brown keeps me guessing.

The characters are still my favorite part of the book.  Madison and Fab continue to grow their amazing friendship... and they somehow find themselves continually surrounded by these truly wacky characters in zany situations.  I really love that not only are new characters introduced... but we get to keep visiting the characters in previous books.  Madison's life is just full of colorful people... and I love every one of them.

While I liked Zack (as much as he drove me crazy) I can tell you now that I really love Creole.  The man is a hottie... he might need his own book series.

About the Author:

I've been writing, in one way or another for as long as I can remember; writing poetry, short stories, a romance novel secretly stashed under the bed and sappy love letters. Fiction should be fun. I wanted to create the perfect beach book, to make the reader laugh, cry and cheer... and then run out and tell their friends about it.

My love of reading began when I was seven, the day I opened the cover of my first Mrs. Piggle Wiggle book. Mrs. P gave lessons to other children in how to behave and to me I learned to love the written word. I live with my family and demon children aka rescue cats in South Florida.

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