Graced (book review)

Graced was written by Sophia Sharp.  It is part one of the third book of the Dream Realms Trilogy.

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There is a prophecy that speaks of a time of great turmoil, a time when the rule of power will be overturned by the hammer of fate. That time has come, and one girl stands in the middle of it all...
Laura has been reunited with Logan, and together they must face the elders. But this time, they have the angels on their side. It is a precious advantage, but only if used properly...
She has learned of the prophecy of her fate, and learned of her destiny. But while others are certain, she is less sure. And as she moves forward, she learns that absolutely nothing can ever be guaranteed.


Although it was longer than the first 2 books... I'm still kind of confused as to why the author decided to break book 3 (of a trilogy) up into 2 parts.  Really, her "trilogy" contains 4 books.  I will say that I'm glad the story hasn't ended with book 3 part 1.  It definitely isn't done.  But... I wasn't heartbroken that the final installment wasn't immediately available when I finished part 1 (and if you've followed my book preferences at all... you might know that I generally HATE reading a series before the full series is published.  It drives me crazy!).

***I am happy to find out that as I'm writing this the final "part" has been released on Amazon.