Grace in Small Things - 236


5 little things that make me happy

So... it's November... and for bunches and bunches of bloggers November means NaBloPoMo: National Blog Posting Month.  In other words... we all lose our minds and accept the challenge to write 30 posts in 30 days... one for every day in November.  I can't tell you when it was that I last wrote a post a day.  I can tell you it was NOT last NaBloPoMo, because I failed miserably.  So... it might have been November of 2014.  Maybe.

So I signed up again this year.  If you look back in the November archives every year since 2007 you'll find NaBloPoMo posts.  It really is a challenge... to think of something to write every day... to find time to write every day... to remember to write every day.  But it's also fun.  It gets a lot of blogs back to "old school blogging".  Writing for the sake of writing.  And writing?  Writing actually makes me really happy.

So... I'm combining day one of Nablopomo with my 236th GiST (Grace in Small Things).  Just made sense to me.  So...

5 things about blogging that have made me happy (some are not so little I guess).

  1. Learning techie blog things. (Which sounds SO techie.) I really have found that I love figuring out the whole backend world of blogging. Figuring out how to fix something glitchy? Having an "ah ha" moment about code? Makes me happy in the geekiest of ways.

  2. Hitting publish and putting something I've put myself into out into the world... and having readers respond. Respond not only online...but out in the "real world" when we chat. That's not something I thought I would want when I started. I didn't necessarily want anyone to read me. Now... it's something I'm proud of.

  3. Being able to take what is a "hobby"... a passion? an obsession?... and start to turn it into the start of a "job". Except "job" isn't really a good word. It's still a passion. Something I love.

  4. The amazing community I've found living in my computer. I have found myself with friends all over the world now. Some from as long ago as 2007... and as far away as Australia. I realize not everyone can understand how you can make a friend all the way around the world... and have never met them... and call them a true friend... but they are as true and as real as could be.

  5. The times I actually get to run off and see my "online friends" in the real world. Like last week in Disney World. 4 days surrounded by some of my favorite social media and blogging friends, learning more about social media and tech, in the happiest place on earth. Doesn't get much happier than that as far as my blog world. :)



So there it is.  Day 1 of 30.  I have a lot in my head to share in the next 29 days.  Laura, Danielle, Jaime, and Beth will still be writing their pieces.  But I'm going to try my hardest to add my 30 posts each night.  Wish me luck!!!

And if you're writing leave your link in my comments!  I'd love to stop by and cheer you on!

And... definitely visit Melisa Wells at Suburban Scrawl.  She has an AWESOME list of just a few participating bloggers. (And she also gave me permission to use her pretty #NaBloPoMo pic.  :)