Grace in Small Things - 215

5 little things that make me happy

1.  100 on a spelling test (see... studying DOES help)

2. Crossing things off of a to do list.

3. natural bliss Sweet Cream coffee mate creamer.

4. Being able to read my kindle books on whatever device I have with me and being able to sync up to whatever page I'm on anywhere.

5.  This video...

We saw

Scary Mommy




party on Sunday. (Zoe & Ana still aren't sure why I told them she was Scary Mommy when she seemed so nice and was having them decorate little bags with stamps and markers... they thought she was a pretty nice mommy)

Her blog keeps me laughing... her books are hysterical... and this video cracks me up. (Adding her new "Surviving the Holidays" book to my kindle NOW.