Grace in Small Things - 199

5 little things that make me happy

1.  Today is the last day of Nick's work trip to Singapore.  He's on a plane home right now.  It is the last day of 3 weeks in a row of business trips.  LAST DAY!

2.  Watching Zoe & Ana's faces as we saw Seussical Jr. the Musical put on by the Madison Junior School.  (By the way... Madison has some talented kids!!!  Color me impressed!  And this is in no way biased... because none of the performers were my kids.)

3. Unsolicited e-mails offering me books to review.  I can never have enough to read.  (Maybe I should have been a librarian? Or I should get a job in a book shop?)

4. Getting an e-mail from Ana's KWrap teacher telling us how proud they are of Ana for making her own board game and sharing it with her class.  (It's so awesome when teachers take the time to share great things!)

5. This video... my grandfather instilled a slight love of Bluegrass music into this Jersey girl (who knew that could happen?).  So... this Bluegrass band kind of cracks me up.