Grace in Small Things - 87

1.  Zoe's extreme imagination.

2.  Ana's enthusiasm when she says "I did it!" about anything.

3.  Zoe's love of all activities.  She LOVES school and dance class and gymnastics and swimming.  Anything you offer up... she loves doing.

4.  The way Ana is totally content in her crib.  She can wake up (at some unreasonably hour) and happily chat away with her "friends" (aka stuffed animals/dolls) for an hour.  And then... when you go to get her out (at a much more reasonable time in the morning)... she doesn't necessarily even want to get out.  Same for nap time.

5. The thought of maybe possibly almost considering going to BlogHer in NYC in August.  (Anyone going???  Convince me to go???)


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