Grace in Small Things - 227

5 little things that make me happy

I haven't done a GiST post since April.  Really.... I haven't done much blogging at all since April.  At least... not like I used to.  (And REALLY not like I used to when I started).  I just seem to be saying everything other places.  (Seriously... Facebook killed my blog.)  But... I can't give this little place up.  (Is anyone still here reading?  lol)

  1. Fall. Finally. I put on a sweatshirt today. I missed my sweatshirts.

  2. A first Brownie meeting of the year, that went just about perfect.

  3. Donation pick-ups. I just love watching that big truck take away all the clutter I can do without.

  4. Whole Hog Pumpkin Ale. Oh my gosh. Pumpkin pie in a glass.

  5. Being able to watch my friends on Periscope. I'm not good at it.... but I love being able to watch people I know.

IMG_1481 (1)

IMG_1481 (1)