Grace in Small Things - 226

5 little things that make me happy

1. An unplanned house guest.  (While I love my little family... it's been really fun to have Danielle staying with us.  It's like having a college roomie.  A perfect college roomie who gets all of my wackiness)  :)

2. New friends from far off places.  The internet makes the world a so much smaller place.

3. Spring Break!  Starts today!  And the sun is shining!  And I'm not wearing a coat!  SO. MUCH. HAPPY.

4. Skype.  I'm very (VERY VERY) late to Skype... but I'm enjoying Skype.

5. This video...  I love the new song.  Cool video.  I just can't get enough of their original stuff.... and their covers always impress me.