Grace in Small Things - 162

1.  Suddenly at 7 1/2... Zoe can get in the shower... shower (shampoo, conditioner, body wash, sing)... get out of the shower... dry herself... get into PJs... and wrap her head in a towel to wait for hair dryer.... ALL BY HERSELF.  It's amazingly fabulous.

2.  The fact that Ana calls whipped cream "whoop cream".  (Please don't correct her.)

3.  Girl Scout Leader perk... Thin Mints at the leader meeting while talking about cookie selling.  (Side-note... anybody looking for a Brownie to sell them a box of cookies?  Let me know!!!)

4.  Post girl scout leader meeting drink.  (Another perk... since Andrea, my sister-in-law, is also a leader!)

5.  Fuzzy pajamas.  So cozy.