Grace in Small Things - 148

1. A Friday afternoon play-date where the kids had a blast and the adults enjoyed a beer (or 2).  We all decided we should do that again more often!

2.  Being to the point where the girls are old enough to enjoy waking up and heading downstairs to watch TV or play a computer game alone (well... Zoe alone.  Ana with Zoe).  A little bit of kid independence is AWESOME!  (And a little extra Mom and Dad sleep is pretty sweet too.)

3.  A family bike ride on the Loantaka Brook Bike Path.  Zoe is amazing without her training wheels... and thank goodness Ana still (just barely) fits in the bike seat on my bike.

4.  A frappe at McCool's after a bike ride on a hot day.  (If you are local... you need to get to McCool's!)

5.  Kitties in a basket.  I don't know that it gets cuter than kitties in a basket.

Meet Emmett and Bailey!!!