Grace in Small Things - 138

1.  Small children wearing antlers and singing Jingle Bells.

2.  The "Holiday Traditions" station on XM radio.  Nothing but old classics.

3.  The Pillsbury sugar cookies with the pictures in them (we made snowmen and reindeer) that simply require plopping the pre-cut dough on the cookie sheet and then sticking the cookie sheet in the oven for 10ish minutes.  (Sometime ease wins out over scratch.)

4.  Our new "tree topper".  Zoe made a Santa in a chimney at school today.  It fits right over the top of our tree... and the tree lights make the chimney glow.  It's a little ridiculous how happy it makes me that we decided that the top of the tree was the best place for it.

5.  Nick is coming home from Brazil tomorrow morning.