Grace in Small Things - 131

(The things the girls have been enjoying on Netflix while off from school... it's not easy being off school and "sick".)

1.  Casper and Friends (you know... Casper the Friendly Ghost)

2.  Gordy (the talking pig who made it big)

3.  H2O - Just Add Water (A series 3 girls who turn into mermaids when water touches them.  It's set in Australia so the accents are fun.  We may have watched 30ish episodes.  The theme songmay be stuck forever in my head.)

4.  Eloise's Rawther Unusual Halloween

5.  The Guild (um... this one's just me... not the girls.  I've watched it twice now.  Plus season 5 on  Not including the 2 nights I spent watching it with my brother.  So I guess that's 3 times.  I may be a real geek.)