Grace in Small Things - 116

1.  Ana's decision lately that everything is "the best" or her "favorite"

2.  As I close the door to Ana's room at nap time... almost every day... she will say "MOMMY MOMMY MOMMY MOMMY!!!" and so I open the door one more time just so she can say "Oh Mommy!  You are da BEST Mommy EVER!"

3.  Over-hearing Ana tell Zoe "Zoe... you da best sister EVER."

4.  Ana - "ice cream is my FAVORITE!"  me - "I thought popsicles were your favorite."  Ana - "popsicles are my FAVORITE!"

5.  And to go along with all of the "best" and "favorite" it also makes me giggle when Ana will announce "dat is NOT my favorite" for whatever it is she's decided to dislike at any moment in time.