Grace in Small Things - 112

1.  Tangled.  We have an unreasonable love of the dvd that showed up in the mailbox this week.  (Do not ask me to admit how many times we've already watched it.

2.  The magic of the bathtub.  When the time is dragging... and the girls get on each others nerves... sometimes we just head to the bathtub.  They played happily in the bath for a 1/2 hour this morning.

3.  Drop off play dates for Zoe at the same time that Ana is in school.  I'm never quite sure to do with that unexpected free time.

4.  Dum Dum Pops.  I've come to love them.

5. flight status checker... telling me Nick's plane should be landing in less than 10 minutes.  We're ready for him to be home from his work week in the Philippines.