Grace in the Grass

I think I have always felt (known) that the grass in New Jersey is much better (in every way) than the grass in Florida.  It's finer.  It's softer.  It's just "grassier".

I think it's safe to say that Gracie agrees with me.

This Florida girl enjoyed herself in the New Jersey grass.  She frolicked.  She rolled.  She just about made grass angels.

She also did a fabulous impression of Rapunzel in the scene from Tangled where she comes down from her tower and first tippy toe touches her toe into the lush grass for the very first time.  She then ran around in circles proclaiming "THIS IS THE BEST FRIEND EVER!!!!" which I assume is what she thinks Rapunzel is yelling as she runs around yelling "this is the best DAY ever!!!"

Kids are really just awesome.