Golden Globes Fashion: The Real Winners And Losers

If you're anything like me, awards season fills you with glee, not because a bunch of famous people win awards for movies and tv shows you haven't seen, but because of the FASHION. Awards show fashion is either staggeringly gorgeous or absolutely bat-dooky bonkers, so in honor of the Golden Globes, which happened on Sunday, let's go through five award show fashion rules as illustrated by our favorite stars.

Wear the dress, do not let the dress wear you.


If you've ever grumbled "Whoa, that is a LOT of dress" at the red carpet, the person wearing it is probably breaking this rule. As illustrated here by Carrie Underwood, what we have is a dress wearing the actress. Ms. Underwood is absolutely lost under the bizarre poufs of pink, and to be frank, I remembered the dress vividly, but had to look up who wore it. because I couldn't remember her face. That's not what a red carpet look should entail.

Make color your best friend.


The red carpet can often resemble a funeral procession with countless black dresses, which, okay, it's hard not to look great in a black dress, but finding the perfect vivid color that sets off your skin tone, as seen here with Viola Davis in a stunning canary yellow that is warm and bright against her complexion, can make you stand out for all the right reasons. Viola Davis is known for her colorful dresses, and she hits it out of the park every time.

Avante garde can go terribly awry.


Oh Nicole. Nicole Nicole Nicole. Where to start. Okay, this pains me because I love Nicole Kidman, but this ensemble is a connect the dots of what not to do. The dress is everywhere and all things floofy and droopy. The color is completely wrong for her pale skin, her hair is too blonde, the sleeves of the dress seem to have given up completely, the hem is a disaster...Just because something is one of a kind doesn't mean it's GOOD. Nicole needs a bolder color, perhaps a jewel tone, she needs to tone her hair back to red, and lay off the highlighter makeup, because I swear people were checking their makeup in her face. Definitely the worst look of the night.

Conversely, avante garde can be completely right.


Lily Collins! I haven't ever seen you in a movie, but this look is EVERYTHING. Okay, so this dress goes against every rule in the book. It SHOULD be wearing her, it should be way too much dress, it should be too froofy and busy and overdone. It should overwhelm her tiny little body and that hair should be too big, her lips too red, the whole thing way way way too much. And yet...It's flawless. I think the dress is couture in the perfect way, it's romantic and fairy princessy and her hair is swept back without being harsh or overdone. Her makeup is a study in contrasts with her pale skin and deep red lips, her brow game is on point, and if you look at the fashion rules, she's doing absolutely everything wrong BUT! It's perfect. I salute you and your couture, Lily Collins. Brilliantly done.

When in doubt, do your own thing.


Janelle Monae always does her own thing, and I love everything she wears. She follows no rules, no trends, and always looks gorgeous. She throws caution to the wind, and as we see here, she nails it every time. This high-low polka dot dress should be all wrong, and instead it makes her look young, fresh, glam, and FUN. So I leave you with Ms. Monae, who reminds us that the Golden Globes are for fun first, and exudes that in her ensemble. Well done, Ms. Monae!

This was great! Let's do this next time, for sure.