"Glorious Madness" Sounds About Right

Somehow it's November 1st. 

Life around here has been a little screwy.  We have the mindset of "Oh my God how can it possibly already be November? Weren't we just on summer vacation?" part of not believing it's alreadyNovember.  We also have the other side of "It's November??? But we already just had our 2nd show day of this school year????" mindset where we can't believe it's only November.  BUT, ALSO they moved our Halloween to Friday (11/4)... because of snow, and downed power lines, and, ya know.... treemageddon.  So, we also have the "What do you mean today is November 1st?  We haven't had Halloween yet?  It MUST still be October!" mindset where we just believe it's not possibly November... because it must be October 31st on Friday.

In all seriousness... this is NOT what it should look like for Halloween.  And yet... I took this photo on October 29th.  Absolute madness people.  Right????

On top of the above mentioned madness... I've added in that additional realization of "Um... it's November.  Oh yeah.... NaBloPoMo."  30 posts in 30 days.  Write every day in November.  I've been arguing with myself.  The conversation in my head has been a stream of "Should I do it this year? I barely blog once a week now. I would be crazy to try it. But, I should do it.  I did it successfully for the last 2 years.  Should I do it? I should do it. I've barely been blogging lately... so why bother? Oh, just do it. Maybe it'll get me back. Maybe I'll stop all together. Should I do it?......."

You know.  Crazy talking with myself talk.  But, still... today... should I try it?


All I can say is, my mind was totally made up when I saw that the "badge" actually says "NaBloPoMo is Glorious Madness".  Totally and brilliantly right.  Glorious Madness. 

I signed up. 

What am I thinking????

Are we sure it's really even November?