Give Your Health a Boost by Revitalizing Your Digestion

When you have a digestive ailment, you know that the slightest thing can set off a chain of painful events. You also probably know that the health of your gut influences your entire well-being. The good news is that there are natural, wholesome ways to improve your quality of life by improving the health of your gut.

Getting to Know Your Digestive Tract

Your body is full of bacteria, but it isn’t all bad. Gut flora are the collection of bacteria that live in your stomach and intestines. Bad bacteria can cause discomfort and various forms of upset. Healthy, helping flora, however, benefits us in many ways. They do everything from aiding in digestion, to breaking up gas, creating vitamins, and boosting the immune system. That’s why we need to cultivate and keep our good bacteria, which include lactobacillus acidophilus, bifidobacterium bifidum and breve, and akkermansia, just to name a few. These keep us healthy. There are supplements we can take to replenish the healthy bacteria in our guts. To aid in healing your gut, consider adding both probiotics and prebiotics to your meals. Prebiotics are things you eat that create a happy environment for good bacteria to thrive in, such as fiber. Probiotics are external bacteria we can eat to help establish good colonies in our stomachs.

Improving How You Feel with Diet

Plenty of foods are laden with good probiotics. Fermented foods, like yogurt and sauerkraut, can give you the boost you need to start feeling better. You also need to know what foods you shouldn’t be eating. That means cutting back on processed foods, like white bread. It’s also wise to limit high-fat foods and refined sugars. The change that sugar causes in our guts can not only affect how our stomach feels, but how well our mind works. It can limit both short- and long-term memory. So, instead of reaching for a candy bar or white bread for your sandwich, grab some leafy greens and fiber-heavy foods. Really try to find probiotic foods that can help you and your belly. If you enjoy yogurt, you could try kefir. It’s a drinkable yogurt that is full of live cultures while lacking lactose, which can make many stomachs upset. Miso soup and tempeh are a good solution for some fermented soy; if you prefer something drinkable, grab a bottle of kombucha. If you don’t like one option, keep trying new ones. You’re bound to find something you like, and the health benefits are worth it.

Getting the Right Exercise

Yoga is an exercise that can really help to calm our stomachs and aid in digestion. The way yoga requires your body to bend and move compresses and strengthens your internal organs, which can help food move through your system naturally. There are even yoga routines dedicated to stomach issues, which focus on deep breathing to aid in gut health. The deep breathing can help us process toxins by increasing circulation. However, it’s not wise to do a workout right after a meal. Exercising can slow the digestive process, so blood is diverted from your stomach to your lungs and heart. Wait an hour before you tackle your new routine, as exercise, even simple walking or jogging, can really increase digestive help.

Practicing Mindfulness Daily

This may come as a surprise, but practicing mindfulness can improve digestion and gut health. Why? Stress. Stress can disrupt how you digest your meals by reducing stomach acid, killing enzymes and even aggravating IBS. You can practice mindfulness in a few ways. Slow down as you eat, really focusing on each bite of food. Chew it thoroughly to help break down what you eat, but also to slow your heart rate. Make those bites of food small, and really take time to enjoy each one.

Your gut is integral to health, and not just your physical wellness. You need to be aware of the balance of good bacteria in your system and what can disrupt it. Not only that, but learn mindfulness techniques, and consider starting a yoga practice. With all these things combined, your digestive issues may be significantly alleviated.

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