Girls Pink Polka Dot Dresses

Last year on Easter (2009) I got this photo of the girls together.  Cute, right?

This Easter... this was the best they would let me get.  Shouldn't it be easier as they get older?  (Amazing how much the plants grew in huh?)

It was alright though.  I did get plenty of shots of Zoe and Ana in their pink polka dot glory.

AND I got a shot of the girls with their 3 cousins ALL LOOKING AT THE CAMERA!  (I amazingly got 2 or 3 other shots of all 5 too.)

A pretty good family shot.

Polka dot Ana.

Polka dot Zoe.

Silly girls.  Zoe says "CHEEEESE!!!" and Ana says "TEEEETH!!!"

Oh my pink polka dot girls.