Girls' Night In (Mirror, Mirror movie night)

I told you all last week that I was trying to plan a girls' night in.  While the initial planning had me a bit stressed, it did all came together in the end.

Even though a lot of my friends were on family vacations for the 4th of July week, I did end up with a full TV room.  My friends Danielle and Ana were able to come.  My sister-in-law Andrea (who lives here in town) was just home from her vacation.  My sister-in-law Erica was visiting us for her family vacation.  And... my mom and my nanny joined us.  A nice bunch.

I decided to go light on the "spa theme" and focus more on a relaxing evening.  It was SO hot here in NJ, and everyone's energy was drained.  We all seemed perfectly happy just sitting in a darkened and air-conditioned room.  I did have a little "spa" themed party favor for everyone to take home with them, though. (Why should kids' parties be the only ones with goodie bags???)

Mirror, Mirror water bottle, book mark, nail brush, nail file/mirror, red apple nail polish

I went with "spa-like" refreshments.  Fresh berries and veggies... and a red apple sangria.  (I went with red apples in honor of Snow White's apple.)  While the fruits and veggies were quite good... the big hit was the sangria.  I think that may be showing up at more of my get-togethers.  (My sister-in-laws and I actually believe the sangria could be a good enough thing to plan other girls' nights in around.)

I think everyone had a nice calm relaxing evening in.  I was able to spend some time with my family and friends.  Zoe and Ana were cooperative and stayed in bed asleep after they were put there.  I was actually able to sit through a whole movie.  Not a single interruption!  And... I currently have some nice apple red polish on my toes.  Success all around!  I see more girls' nights in in my future.

Movie opinions?  Personally, I really enjoyed it.  But then... I liked it before I saw it because I LOVE everything Julia Roberts does.  I also thought the movie was just gorgeous.  The scene locations (real or digital) were beautiful.  The colors were striking.  The costumes, especially the ball gowns, were amazing.  It was just gorgeously done.  And... Lily Collins and Julia Roberts made a perfect Snow White and evil step-mother/wicked Queen.  It was an interesting spin on the Snow White story.

I remember Danielle saying it was cuter than she thought it would be.  There were quite a few parts that brought a giggle.  My sister-in-law, Erica mentioned it as soon as it started... but I think we ALL were a little confused by the Bollywood-type dance number at the VERY end of the film.  (Not that they shouldn't have been dancing... but the choice of dance didn't quite fit.) And... we were all slightly distracted by Snow White's very dark, very thick eyebrows.  (I personally was convinced that during her dwarf makeover scene they were going to do a little tweezing and plucking!)

Oh... and as for our "spa themed" girls night in?  No matter what I planned... it NEVER would have come close to the extreme spa experience Julia Roberts' Queen character indulged in to prepare for her ball!

Disclosure: I was contacted by ThinkJam and asked if I would considered having some friends over to watch Mirror, Mirror.  I was sent a copy of the movie, along with some party favors (movie themed water bottle, nail file, nail brush...) to share with my guests.  The party planning and opinions are all my own (and my guests').