Girl, Wash Your Hair

I’m all up in the Rachel Hollis world right now. I’ve got my copy of Girl, Wash Your Face: Stop Believing the Lies about Who You Are So You Can Become Who You Were Meant to Be. I’m on her Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook feeds like it’s my full-time job. And while I’m basking in her light, which is limitless inspiration, I’m also owning my mess. After all, it would be shameful to call her a guru and then not be an A+ student.

Part of my accountability is to cease excuses. Self-care is an investment and it’s worth taking the time to make myself feel good.

My mom game is strong, but my mom beauty regime is pathetic. I’ve been in search of a quality colorist for awhile. To be honest, hair wasn’t a priority. This week, I stopped subscribing to this belief and took the leap.

Girl, wash your hair. Is there anything better than having someone else massage your scalp? Am I the only one? I live for a solid shampoo at the salon. And I was all set to go until my babysitter cancelled and I found myself in a pickle. (Cue promo of the best club since the series itself)

As I was about to walk the red carpet of contradictions, I came upon a Facebook post for at home hair coloring. Hello there, hair gods.

Alysha is a born and raised Madisonian currently working in Manhattan. But lucky for me, she’s freelancing in New Jersey.

She set an appointment with me and arrived only after asking if I’d like a coffee since she intended to stop for one on the way. It was at this exact moment that I knew I’d found a winner since my penchant for coffee is insane.

I scheduled her visit during nap time so I could truly enjoy the experience without the pressure or anxiety of toddler antics .

She got to work right away and I've got to tell you, it felt nice to relax in my home. So often I'm running from one room to the next, chasing after a child, or working on a project with the inevitable background noise. To sit midday and have someone color my hair felt like a luxury.

After my color set she gave me my beloved shampoo and scalp massage in my bathroom, which again, felt indulgent. The service concluded with a blow-out and I was so impressed with what some color, shampoo, and blow out service can do for a girl.

Mamas, I felt renewed. Too often we make excuses that we don’t have time for ourselves, but in-home hair coloring and styling makes it possible. Not to get too Rachel Hollis on you, but “you are worthy of wanting something more.”

If you’re looking for more and some convenient self-care, contact Alysha.