The Girl in Black Pajamas (book review & giveaway)

About the book:

R&B Investigations is under attack. Their employee is shot in the back as he enters the building, and a hacker is trying to compromise their secure network. While the Boston police investigate the shooting, Bogie McGruder needs to find the culprit who is trying to put them out of business.

Bogie and his partner Rose Jones can’t disclose their internet problems to the cops since Bogie is a hacker himself.

Bogie McGruder returns to Boston with his four- year-old daughter Isabella. He joins up with Rose Jones’ uncle Walter who is fresh for Lompoc Prison. Bogie and Walter strengthen their firewalls while they try to determine who is behind the invasion. As the R&B team hones in on the culprit, they uncover several murders and discover a plot to wipe out the financial institutions in Boston.

While Bogie is in Boston, his extended family in Palm Beach becomes enmeshed in a sex scandal that threatens to ruin lives and careers in the Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office.

Feeling like a wishbone about to snap, Bogie tries to handle problems in both cities while Isabella continues her quest for someone to teach her the Five-Point-Palm-Exploding-Heart technique as seen in Kill Bill Volume 2.

This tale of murder, revenge and greed takes the reader on a whirlwind trip from Boston to Palm Beach and back. Buckle your seatbelt!

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My review:

I've said before... I’m not always a big mystery fan, but I rarely say no to a book.  If a mystery is any good... it's a story that really takes a lot of concentration.  I don't always have the time and patience I feel in required to enjoy mysteries.  I also don't want to focus on a whole book of murder and mystery and suspense... the author has to add in a great personal story and build character relationships outside of the crime in order to keep me interested.  Chris Birdy has absolutely done this.

Like the first book in the series (The Girl in White Pajamas)  The Girl in Black Pajamas jumped right into the mystery with a shooting on page 1.  When reading the first book I wondered if I had missed something since the story jumped so quickly into the middle of the lives of the characters.  This time I KNEW it was book 2... so there was no wondering.  Still... the writing style is clever in a way that has me feeling a little lost and in need of a "catch up".   For me, this is exactly how a mystery should be.  I want to feel a little chaos from the get go.

In book 1, it took me a long time to grasp who all of the characters were... but by the end I had developed attachments to Bogie and Baily... and absolutely Isabella, and all of their friends and family.  I was so happy that this book continued on their journey.  While there wasn't a typical refresher or "previously" flash back type beginning... the author did a great job of reminding me of who all of the characters were and how they related to each other without making it feel like recaps.  This book absolutely NEEDS to be read after book 1.   While I KNOW that the big fans of this book will probably be mainly focused on the murder, mystery and crime... I love that the book continues to build on the family dynamic that began in book 1.  I love that Bogie and Bailey have a "real" family... a family blended with a really complex cast of characters.  There are a number of cases to solve... but woven within is the story of family.

If Chris Birdy has Isabella in another color "pajamas" I'll be there to read what adventure she's on next.

About the Author

Chris Birdy was born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. After graduating from high school, she did a four year stint in the Middle East. When she returned to the States, Chris settled down in the Boston area and became a true Bostonian by collecting college degrees while raising a family.

For more than twenty years, Chris has been a member of the legal community performing investigative work for Boston law firms conducting business in rough housing projects and crack house neighborhoods.  Several years ago, while sitting in a courtroom with a client, Chris watched as a police officer was lambasted by an attorney. The attorney was defending a young woman who crashed her car into two other vehicles before she passed out drunk behind the wheel. The occupants of the other cars were seriously hurt and the cop, a former EMT, tried to assist the injured while waiting for ambulances to arrive. The attorney questioned the cop's every move, shredded his testimony and made him seem inept.

Embarrassed, the cop returned to his seat beside me and muttered, "Everybody lies. The judges lie, the lawyers lie, the witnesses lie.." Chris wanted to tell him not to worry that in about five years he'd be just as good a liar as they were.

The seeds for The Girl in White Pajamas were planted in that courtroom.

Chris lives outside of Boston and in Palm Beach, Florida with her husband.

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