Get Fit and Be Healthier with Total Self-Care

You can't rely on exercise alone to get the fit, healthy body you deserve to have. If you aren't balancing your workout with other ways of taking care of your body, then your body isn't going to react the way you want at all. Learn how to get fit the right way and focus on caring for yourself -- not just on working out.

Design a Balanced Workout

You aren't being productive if you're continuously putting strain on the same muscle groups and performing the same exercises over and over. According to the Mayo Clinic, healthy fitness training includes five types of exercise: aerobics, core exercises, strength training, balance training and flexibility. If you create exercise routines that use all five of these types of exercises, you’ll put together a balanced fitness plan that will truly help you take good care of your body.

Don't Neglect Your Mind

Add some yoga or another type of focused exercise like mindful meditation into your workout routine. Your mind plays a huge effect on your body and overall physical health. Spend at least five minutes using mind-focusing exercises to center yourself and relax in a small, quiet space in your home that contains soothing colors and decor and is free of clutter. Yoga and mindful meditation are great for relieving stress and helping you become healthier. 

Know Your Limits

There are many popular phrases about exercising, including, “No pain, no gain.” You're supposed to sweat until it hurts and push yourself to the limit. In some ways, this is true -- but there is definitely an exercise threshold you shouldn't cross, according to Time. 

Every individual body has limits, so you should never push yourself too hard. Start out with a simple fitness routine and begin adding more difficult exercises to it as you begin to get more comfortable. Don't push yourself too hard in the beginning, and don't ever push yourself past your own breaking point. If you work out too hard or strain your body too much, you'll end up hurting yourself. Know where your limit is and push yourself up to that point, but no further.

Balance Your Diet, Too

You aren't doing your body any good if you're eating fried foods and fatty meals in between your workouts. Take care of your body by balancing your diet, too. Half of your plate should consist of fruits and vegetables every time you eat, according to the United States Department of Agriculture. Be sure to add lean protein and whole grains to every balanced meal as well. 

As for dessert, you can kill those cravings for sweets with something that's much healthier. Fruit parfaits, baked apples with cinnamon, and fresh fruit salad with a little honey drizzled on top taste just as decadent as any high-calorie dessert, and it's all good for your body.

The Benefits of Exercise

Exercise doesn't just benefit the body, it also works wonders for the mind. Exercise releases chemicals that create a natural, healthy high. This is why so many experts recommend exercise for people in addiction recovery. Exercise makes you feel good. Once the workout is over, you can be proud of yourself for setting a goal and achieving it. And the more you exercise, the more you're going to notice changes in your body that make you feel better about yourself. Exercise helps to relieve negative emotions such as anger and stress, and it can even banish depression.

Healthy exercise also improves the quality of your sleep. Likewise, getting a good night of rest is crucial to both your workout routine and your overall wellness, so it’s important to make sure you’re prioritizing your sleep each night. If you’re waking up with pain in the morning even when you haven’t been hitting the gym, you may be in need of a new mattress. Look for a model that aligns your spine, which will keep your body in a healthy position all night long so you wake up feeling like a million bucks. Also be sure to create a sleep-friendly atmosphere: block out as much light as possible, use a fan or a white noise machine to block out noise, and keep the temperature 70 degrees or lower.

Caring for Yourself and Your Body

Take better care of your body by adding whole-self wellness practices into your daily routine. Strive for complete, total-body care, and create a balanced fitness plan that includes exercising, healthy eating, mindfulness and restful sleep. 

Photo credit: Pixabay