Garden Spells (book review)

Garden Spells was written by Sarah Addison Allen.

It was recommended by a friend on Facebook... although for the life of me I cannot remember who made the recommendation.  I wish I did so I could thank them for pointing me towards a new author to love.

This book definitely reminded me of the movie Practical Magic (which is a favorite of mine).  (I actually haven't read the book Practical Magic and now I'll have to add it to my list.)

There are 2 sisters (Claire and Sydney).  Claire stayed in the family home to embrace her family "magic" and Sydney couldn't run away from that life fast enough.  Claire was stable... Sydney was wild.  The story of their finding each other again is quite magical.

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Claire has everything she thinks she needs, until one day she wakes to find a stranger has moved in next door and a vine of ivy has crept into her garden... and her carefully tended life is about to run gloriously out of control.


I have to add... the author's site is fabulous.  You can even find Claire's "magical" recipes.  I wonder what a rose petal scone would actually taste like.