A Friendly Award

The Sports Mama at You Don't Have to Like Me... has given me an award because she thinks I'm friendly. Isn't that just sweet? It's so nice to be thought of as a friendly person.

As always, with accepting the award comes the responsibility of passing it on. I read so many great blogs that are written by such friendly people. I receive so much feedback from them in comments. Always a nice word, a compliment, a suggestion, or a general friendly feeling. I think I could pass this award on to just about everyone on my blogroll. But, I'll limit my list. Here are 3 people who I was able to come up with specific examples of friendliness towards me.

Carrie at Barely Controlled Chaos (because after a comment about potty training she generously shipped me her Potty Power dvd... and if it works for Zoe like it worked for Addie, Carrie will be forever credited with sharing some potty training magic!)

Natalie at The Benson Family and Other Stuff (because we have recently exchange some e-mails that made me feel like we have so much in common and are more like friends than just people who read each others blogs.)

Kara at You Can't Reason With Crazy (because she seems to have a sixth sense as to when I need an Oreo, a coffee, or a strong drink to show up in my e-mail! haha)

Thanks so much Sports Mama!