Forget Me Not (book review)

banner Forget Me Not was written by Jaden Sinclair.  It is book 1 in the Guardians series.  This post was organized by N K Author Services.  I was provided with a copy in exchange for my honest book review.  All opinions are my own.

About the book:

cover Julian Marino has been searching for his Bloodmate forever. He is beginning to lose all hope of finding her. Without his other half Julian feels all alone not sure of his place in this world. Deciding to go see his best friend is a small comfort for him but his respite doesn't last long when an elder of their race asks Julian for help.

A war is brewing, a war which could destroy the entire vampire race if left unchecked. Julian is called to the battle so he must halt his search for the woman he can never forget. In order for him to live he must fight. But when he discovers a Guardian is following him, a protector of their kind, he learns how serious this war is and how dangerous making the wrong decision could be.  





My review:

I loved the idea of Bloodmates in this novel.  It was really different, a step beyond some other stories I've read.  It's beyond the usual soul mate.  Beyond that immediate feeling of connection.  The vampire and their bloodmate have a real need for each other.  Bloodmates are actually born to be mated to vampires, and produce additional blood to provide for their mate.  They need their vampire mate in order to live a healthy life.  The vampire never feels complete without finding their bloodmate to feed from... and the bloodmate will die if their vampire mate doesn't find them.  It brought a twist to the vampire story that I felt was really interesting.

There was a lot of back story to this novel.  A lot of history, and flashbacks, to catch you up to present story.  And, there were a lot of character relationships.  I don't know that I felt like I was able to make a real connection with anyone but Julian. But... he was the main character... so I guess it's best I felt for him.

About the author:

bg3Jaden Sinclair lives in a small town of Kansas with her husband of nineteen years, two boys and a few pets that keep her hopping. Between sports and the animals it’s a wonder at times how she is able to keep the flow of her writing going. But she does.

She has many series in the works and out for your enjoyment, and most know her for the Shifter series. Between werewolves, vampires, scifi, new worlds or simple romances, one never really knows what will come out next. So to keep up with what she doing, visit her website: or just simple email her at She’ll love to hear from you! - jaden.sinclair

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