Florida... here we come!

Yes... that's right... we're going to Florida again. Yes, we did just go in July/August. The last trip Zoe and I took to see Grammy and PopPop's new house (since they had just moved). This trip was planned ages ago, before they had moved (but we'll still be seeing them).

We've got quite a bit planned for this trip. Two nights at the Animal Kingdom Lodge in a Savannah Front room (A day at the hotel and a day at Animal Kingdom). Then we're spending time at Grammy and PopPop's. The grandparents are then joining us for 2 nights in Daytona Beach. Then some more time at their house. Then we're spending our last couple of days at my grandparents' house (Zoe's great-grandparents). So... it will be a busy vacation... but it should be a fun one too.

I'll be able to check in online while I'm at my parents' house, but I probably won't post at all. When I get back I'll have loads of writing and picture sharing to do though.