Florida Cousins

Trying to get 5 girls to sit still all together in one place long enough to get a photo was a bit of an ordeal.  Forget about the fact that you'd like them to all be smiling, looking in the same direction, awake, and not covered in cupcake.

We finally settled for all in one place, clean, and mostly smiling (1/5 asleep)... and unfortunately past good lighting.

Some hysterical laughing is ok.

Hmm... preferably not eating your own toes.

This one is just about perfect... except for my attempt to go without a flash.

Same attempt at no flash... too much sweetness between Ana and Gracie not to share.

So... I got what I got.  Not perfection... but 5 girls in Florida... all together. 

Guess I have to plan another trip in the next few months so I can try again.  Oh well.