Flips Headphones might make you Flip (review and discount code)



Disclosure:I received a pair of Flips (as pictured below) in exchange for review.  No other compensation was received.  All opinions are my own.

In headphones, sound is king. Until now, only the user could appreciate the sound quality heard through their headphones. Flips™ is dramatically changing the headphone game with innovative earcups that transform headphone use from a “solo” listening experience to a “social” listening experience. When the luxuriously comfortable earcups are against your ears, only you hear the sound, but drop the headset around your neck and turn the earcups 180 degrees outward and Flips™ become speakers for everyone to enjoy.

Flips™ are available in a Black/Electric Lime or White/Racing Red color combination and come with a coordinated, protective carrying case.

Available online at Flips Audio.

I'm not a "sound expert" by any means.  That would be my husband and the part of him that is 100% musician.  I'm the one that thinks the speakers on the TV are fine.  Nick's the one who makes sure the stereo sound and "big speakers" are turned on for movies (and TV).  I never touch the adjustments on the car stereo.  He fiddles.  I'm the one that uses the headphones the airline passes out.  He's the one that packs his $300ish dollar headphones to ensure happiness (and noise cancelling).  Headphones generally bug me.  Nick wears headphones 99% of the time he's home (ok, that might be an exaggeration).

My opinion?  Flips are pretty awesome.  The ear-cups are extremely comfortable.  I could see wearing them for extended periods of time (like movie viewing on flights) without any ear discomfort.  The sound is better than earphones I've used before.  I love that the "headband" part is padded... very comfy.  Maybe silly... but I really like that the cord comes from one ear-cup rather than both (I always hate having the cords coming down like a necklace).  It's a pretty  neat feature that you can also use the headphones as speakers.  It comes in handy for those moments when you're listening to something and you suddenly say "OMG... you have to hear this!"  You don't have to stick your headphones on your friends head... you don't even have to stop listening.  Just lower the headphones around your neck and "flip" the ear-cups.  Automatic speakers!  They also came in handy during out BBQ for a little background music since we don't have an outside speaker.  The rechargeable batteries lasted a pretty long time too.  I also like that they come with a storage case, which makes it really easy to put them away when you're done.  AND #1 awesome thing about Flips?  Kid whining and arguing is muffled to nothing!!!! Totally blocks it out!!! (I'm kidding.  Really.  Well, sort of.)  For headphones... I don't really have any negatives (except maybe the price.  The non-headphone person in me still cringed at that a little.)

Nick's opinion?It's an interesting idea.  The sound quality when in speaker mode is decent.  The sound quality when in headphone mode leaves a bit to be desired.  While the frequency response is decent, they sound like listening to music through a hollow tree.

Nick said he'd stick with his Bose... so it looks like I get the Flips!

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