First of Many...

Here is Zoe's very first school portrait. A milestone of sorts. Her first school portrait of 16 (I think... toddler, preschool, preK, Kindergarten and then grades 1-12... that looks like 16). I think she's off to a very good start.

Regular Mommy response to this photo... "Oh my God... is she not the cutest girl ever to have a school portrait taken?!?!?!?"

Neurotic Picture Taking Mommy response to this photo...
I have 3 small nit-picky problems with this photo (keeping in mind that the photo pre-scan actually has very good lighting/contrast/color, etc).
-I wish someone had "foofed" her bangs a little so they weren't parted in the middle like they are.
- She looks very happy.... they couldn't coax that red ball away from her?
- That little dark spot at the bottom left... couldn't the thing they sat on been covered with a white cloth or something?

Ok... now that I've stated the nit-picky thoughts... I have to say I'm really quite happy with this portrait. Especially seeing the great smile they captured.