FFM: Checking-In

Awhile I go I wrote about my experience attending classes at FitFabMoms. Since joining this kind, welcoming, and dedicated community, the company has rebranded as FFM, which stands for Fitness for Mankind. This name change marks an inclusivity for membership and encourages interested individuals or parties to experience worthwhile evolutions.

I’ve always struggled with body image. After becoming a mom my insecurities grew and I knew I needed a change. It’s no secret that I’ve gained valuable experience and results since starting at this gym. And while losing inches or pounds is exciting, encouraging, and exactly what I’m looking for, acquiring more self-awareness, confidence, and stamina has become the greatest gift from my sweat sessions.

If you’ve clicked on the links above it’s obvious I’ve had some awesome and affirming experiences at FFM. I am thrilled and proud to be a part of this community.

It takes strength, soul, humor, and humility to navigate parenthood. The same can be said for exercise. I am grateful and proud of the time I take to better myself. When I pick up my girls at FFM childcare I know I’ve put forth my best efforts so I can help them in their best efforts.

This summer I’m making memories with my babies. I’m also committing myself to more workouts and wellness. Join me. Let’s move together and shine like the summer sun.