FC Motown Soccer Team Returns to Madison

FC Motown Logo official.jpg

Last June, I came across a post on Facebook about a National Premier Soccer League team called FC Motown. The post said that the team played out of Drew University and was having a game later that week. Wait, what? There is an amateur soccer team that plays, literally, walking distance from my house? (To quote from the FC Motown site: “For those who don’t know the sport, the NPSL is akin to what AA minor league baseball is for soccer in this country.”) This can’t be right, I thought. But it was! It was the inaugural year for the NPLS team.

My son, who was completing sixth grade at the time, is a huge soccer fan. He’s played travel soccer since second grade, and had recently celebrated his 12th birthday by taking 4 friends to a New York Red Bulls (Major League Soccer) game. So he and my husband decided to go check it out. They had a blast! My son came home relaying every goal, saying how high-quality the playing was, and talking about how much fun he had! Fortunately, the team won the game and continued to play in the league playoffs the next week, so off my son went to the next week’s game. And they won again! I could actually tell when they scored because I could hear the cheers from my back deck! Our whole family and several friends headed over to Drew for the NPSL National Championship game against FC Miami. You could really feel the energy of the 2,000+ fans, but, unfortunately, FC Motown lost. Pretty good showing for a team that has only been around since 2012, when it started as a co-ed club team in the No Idea Sports League by two high school classmates.

The FC Motown (shortened version of “Morristown”—though we all know they actually play in Madison!) Celtics is a mix of former elite college players who are beginning their work careers and aspiring pros who will travel the world to achieve their dreams. Many players have signed professional contracts off its squad. Last year, former MLS star Dilly Duka was part of the team, and he now has a contract with Partizani Tirani, a top club in Albania. This year, New Jersey native and four-season MLS player (New York City F.C. and Orlando City), R.J. Allen, has joined the team and is sure to bring some top skills to the games. I know my family and I are excited to cheer on the home team once again this year!

The FC Motown 2019 home opener is scheduled for May 11, at 7pm at Rangers Stadium (Drew University, 36 Madison Ave, Madison) against Philadelphia Lone Star. For more information, a full schedule, visit www.FCMotown.com Tickets for adults are $10 for adults, and children U16 are FREE!

FC Motown is also playing in the Lamar Hunt Cup on May 7 at 7PM at Montclair ST vs Red Bull U-23.  This game will be televised on ESPN+.  If they win that game, they will play Memphis at Drew in the 2nd Round on May 15 at 7PM which will also be broadcast on ESPN+.