Favorite Florida Photos (from February)

Yikes.  February was a whole 40 degrees ago (or something).  Still... here are my favorite shots from that trip.

Ana's first time using the CARES harness

Gracie's stroller is facing the wrong way.  PopPop was getting Aunt Pru a wheelchair.  I was taking the photo.  But... this is the closest thing we got to a group photo.

Zoe and Avery a true bestest buddies.

Gracie with a cheek full of hotdog.

Ana is big time into "I DO MYSELF".  If she could have pushed herself in the stroller she probably would have.

What day at Seaworld would be complete if it was missing the dolphin photos?


The merry-go-round was a little fishy.  heehee

Not a great shot... but would you just look at Zoe?!?!  She LOVES rides.  It seems like the faster and crazier the better.  (She gets that from me.)

Zoe and Pop George doing a puzzle.

I've said it before... and will probably say it a dozen more times... my parents pool deck area has the BEST lighting. 

Zoe practicing her back stroke.  It was freezing... but Zoe insisted the water was lovely.

I was in Florida for my birthday... so I was able to share a cake with my grandfather.  Pop George and I have shared a lot of birthday cakes since my birthday is the day after his.

We had another really great family visit.  I'm so happy we get to go as often as we do. 

(And... um... we're going again at the end of April.  Ahem.)