Fashion Statement

Dear Zoe,

Sometimes the little things you do make me laugh. You come up with things... and I wonder where the ideas came from.

Today we were just finished getting showered and dressed. We about to go downstairs and get our shoes on. Ready to go for lunch with Alex and Larisa at their house. You had been opening and closing your drawers... seeming interested in finding something... just very busy.

I finally called out to you from the top of the stairs, "Zoe, are you ready to go?" You called back "OK Mommy, I ready!" Out you walked... with one of your old baby bibs planted flat on top of your head. (There is a small drawer full of them... just a drawer I've never emptied). I asked "What's that on your head?" You answered "Hat!" and gave me a look as if to say "Duh! Silly Mommy."

You wore that bib on your head all the way downstairs, all the time we were putting on shoes, all the way out to the car, for the entire short car ride, and then into the house. There it stayed until Alex asked you what it was. You answered "Hat!" then took it off and put it on the floor. It was like your mission was accomplished.

You sure do keep Mommy busy wondering what you'll do next.
Love you,