Family Portraits

When we took Ana for her 18 month portraits we also had our annual family portrait taken.  We were actually pretty happy with the result.  Out of the dozens of shots there was no question about which one we would pick.


That right there.  That is the ONLY shot out of the entire photo session where they caught Ana smiling.  It wasn't for lack of trying.  She was just much more into crying and whining and trying to escape than she was into smiling.  But there it is.  The 1 and only smile.  It made it pretty easy to choose.

I still couldn't resist this 2nd shot though.  I had to buy myself one copy.  I think Nick and Zoe and I look a little bit better in this shot.  More relaxed real smiles.  And Zoe...there is that cutsie Zoe smile.  But what in the world is with Ana?  Every time I look at her little face in this shot I giggle.  It's kind of like she's foofing her hair out of her face.  Or she's being Popeye.  At least she's not screaming or crying.  But I couldn't see myself looking at this photo without giggling and foofing back every time I looked at it hanging on our wall.

I came home very satisfied in having succeeding in getting us all there for our annual photo though.  Getting us there and coming out with a good shot.  I also came out thrilled that we won't being doing that again for another year.  Family photos are stressful!