Family Fun

We attended Peyton's baptism today. Peyton is my cousin Sam's daughter. She's a sweetie. I wasn't able to get any pictures during the service... but I got a few pictures of the kids having fun at the celebration afterwards.

Peyton was having fun making silly crinkle nose smiles for me.

My cousin Sam also has a son, Sammy. Sammy is just a few months older than Zoe... and she LOVES him. Once I mentioned we would see Sammy later in the day, she couldn't stop asking "I see Sammy, now? OK!" It's hard to explain to a 2 year old when you'll see someone. Zoe had a blast with Sammy at the party.

They were just about inseparable.

When Zoe wasn't attached to Sammy you could find her here....She was pretty impressed with that huge television. Eventually a few chairs were brought over and Zoe claimed one.

Zoe didn't take a nap because of the timing of the baptism. With the help of a couple cousins and friends, a few balloons, and a large tv we were able to make it happily through the whole event. (well, except for the one crash that caused a slight meltdown... but we won't talk about that.)