Fall in Love Again: Madison, You Had Me at Hello

I am back from Denver. I played my favorite game while there, which is “imagine if I lived here.” I’m a big fan of daydreaming and discovering while in full blown destination mode. Life is an adventure and I’ve had twists and turns that have taken me to interesting places with the most fascinating people. And while I love to play this game, there’s a different piece on the board now. Madison, it’s you.

Wherever I go I’m constantly comparing towns to mine. Let’s face it: I am in love with Madison. This non native reluctant Garden state girl has a thing for her town. I haven’t exactly denied it. In fact, I’ve been shouting it from the rooftops. Why?

These days pride for a place feels rare. It’s nice to know that my love of this place, Madison, is shared by so many. Furthermore, I love seeing it in the next generation. My oldest is a proud Dodger in waiting. As we gear up for seasonal celebrations let’s remember that this town is worthy of something more than a blog post, rave review via Facebook, or random comparison while on a crowded Southwest flight to Denver. This place is magic. It’s full of rich history, treasured traditions, and endless potential.

As the leaves fall and the temperatures drop, fall in love with this town. I’m working on a special Thanksgiving project via a Madison Mom. While the trick or treaters have yet to raid the candy bowls, give me something good to ponder and pursue. What are you most grateful for in and/or around Madison?