It's A Dangerous World For An Expensive Handbag


Today, my beloved Target handbag broke. The handles, which had served me well for over a year, and had been fraying since its purchase, finally gave up the ghost. That was fine. The handbag had served me well. In my travels, I have accumulated many handbags, you see, and it was basically a matter of going to my parents' house and selecting one of the many I have in storage. It was NOT the time to skipper over to Amazon and  buy another one, NAY! I am a bargain shopper, and the best bargain of them all is the one you get for free. So I went to their house to trade in one broken bag for a better one. And the story should have ended there.

But, of course, as the best laid plans are wont to do, it didn't. As I was going through the many very cool yet oh so affordable bags I had bought through the years, there it was. Oh boy. There it was in all its beautiful, rich burgundy real leather goodness. The bag my dear friend had purchased for me close to ten years ago, for more money than I spend on food for the month. It had never been used, and was perfectly preserved. We all have had this treasure in our closets, yes? The item (it certainly doesn't have to be a handbag) that we splurged way too much money on, the item that upon purchasing, we realized could never see the light of day. It was valuable! It was beautiful! We could obviously never use it!

Or could we?

What if, every once and a while, we indulged? What if once in a blue moon we threw caution to the wind and went for the expensive handbag? Would the world collapse? Would we be labeled fools? Would we have our Costco discount card taken away? Of course none of these things would happen. It is, after all, just a handbag, and it is going to waste sitting in the closet with our "I'll fit into this someday" clothes. So I came to a decision, and I wonder if you would do the same.


I'm talking about using the dang handbag, people.

USE that handbag. WEAR that outfit. WALK in those shoes. Do the thing! Every once in a while, even the most seasoned bargain shopper should save their pennies up, or in the case of The Handbag, utilize a beautiful gift, and use the crap out of it. I'm going to bring this handbag everywhere. Walmart. Stop and Shop. The mall. Everywhere. I am going to put my coupons and discount cards in it. I am going to hold my sensible and affordable car's keys in it. I am going to use this handbag because I deserve it.

And so do you. Because sometimes it's not really about a handbag. It's about treating yourself the way you know you should be treated by the most important person in your life.