Essential Items for Staging or Refreshing Your Home – All from Amazon Prime

It’s nearly spring, and for many people that means it’s time for a move. And even if you’re not preparing for a big move, you may be anxious to clear out the winter cobwebs, scrub the sidewalk salt from your floors, and reorganize and refresh your closets.

Here are a few of my favorite things for staging and refreshing homes – all available from Amazon Prime. Because let’s face it, who has time for a leisurely trip to Route 10 anymore?

Heavy-duty metal hangers: Nothing turns off a buyer like an overstuffed, disorganized closet with 12 different types of cheapo hangers. You know – a few from the dry cleaner, a few white plastic ones from college and then those black plastic jobbies from your ex-boyfriend. Get rid of those relics from the past and refresh your closet with these simple, sturdy steel hangers from Amazon. Their thin profile helps you maximize closet space, and they make even the dowdiest blouses look sleek and modern. They’re a bit of an investment, but you’re sure to have them for a good 25 (or more) years, and they won’t snap like the plastic ones you pilfered from TJ Maxx.

Candles with a warm, fresh scent: It’s a fact. People are attracted to homes that smell citrusy and like freshly-baked cookies. And why wouldn’t they be? It’s like mom (or dad, because equality) was home all day, cleaning and baking and feathering your proverbial nest with sugar cookies and Pine Sol. Give your potential buyers (or your kids, though they probably won’t appreciate it) a portal into 1950s suburbia with these candles from Amazon. They’re waaaaaay less expensive than the ones you might have been coveting at Bloomie’s or Nordie’s, and they pack a powerful-but-not-overwhelming scent and have impressive burn time.

Magic erasers: The name doesn’t lie - these things really are magic. I wish I could use them on my kids. They work on almost everything around the house – baseboards, crown moldings, even stains on your (light-colored) couch. You can also use them to clean the grease splatters from your stove, the tomato sauce from your microwave, and whiten your grout. Just don’t go crazy and try to use them to whiten your teeth. You’ve been warned.

Throw pillows: I’m a sucker for throw pillows when it comes to staging a house. They’re like statement necklaces for your couch, your bed, grandpa’s easy chair… They work wonders when you need to refresh well-loved furniture while adding visual impact and interest to a space. I recently purchased this set of four from Amazon and was blown away (seriously!) by their quality and style. They’re a great weight, and the color and patterns complement almost any atmosphere. Just don’t forget to buy the inserts, or else you’ll have some pretty sorry-looking pillows.

Meg Mullin is a Madison mom, realtor and writer. Feel free to reach out to her for information about building or buying – she has tons of experience doing both. You can reach her at or 973-845-8375.