Enough... I give up!

I admit it's pretty.

It's even magical.

But... that's it.  Winter wins.  I give up.  I might just need to learn to hibernate.

Unfortunately, I'm told I cannot hibernate.  Some people have to get to work or something.  So... out come the shovels.  Thank goodness Nick decided to buy the snowblower.

I know it's hard to believe... but there was a minivan under there somewhere.

I will be surprised if the snow (on top of snow on top of snow) melts before April.

But... the roads are plowed and life continues.  We DO live in NJ after all. 

And... our neighbors believe in starting great traditions like snow beer (because who wouldn't want a Guinness while shoveling?)

We'll look back and say "I remember that year when we had snow up to HERE!"

"I remember we had a BIG snow at least once a week for at least 3 weeks!"

But the sun keeps shining.  The blue skies keep coming out after the snow.

The kids keep smiling.

Snow makes us busy.  And busy kids are happy.

Yeah... I've had enough of the snow.  But I suppose when I look back I'll think fondly of the girls with smiles on their faces and snow up past their tushies.