The end of October - AKA Treemageddon

(*Sorry... it got long.)

I think everyone knows how the tri-state area finished off October this year.  I'm sure everyone is tired of hearing about how horrible it was (and for some people IT STILL IS).  I didn't get to share these photos though.  So you'll just have to hear about it one more time.

I know you won't believe me... but I actually tried to post these photos on the same day I took them.  I was really with it for a change.  I took the photos.  I came right inside.  I downloaded them off the camera.  I looked through them.  I opened up my blog and started a post.  And then... our power went out for the next 48 hours (well... I think it was actually 47 1/2... but whatever).

And there you have it.  That could be WHY we were without power for 2 days.  When was the last time I posted something on the day it happened??????  I won't try to do that again.

Anyway...  Saturday, October 29, 2011...

We WERE going to carve a pumpkin or 2.  They were kind of frozen.

Zoe and Ana thought I was nuts buying them new hats and gloves at Target last week when it was 65ish degrees and sunny out.  I even thought it was a little premature.  Guess not.  (I'm also REALLY glad that last year I bought them snow pants and boots in a size bigger than they needed.)  It was like a Winter Wonderland.

Not only were we dumped on by way too much snow, but tree branches were dropping all around us.  The first branch to come down for us was actually on our neighbor's tree.

It was kind of like 1/2 of the tree decided that it just didn't want us to risk going out in the snow so it just came down and blocked our cars in the driveway.

We also lost a big branch off of our Flowering Cherry tree (you know... the pink messy one?).  I'm going to be heartbroken if it has damage that means we have to cut it down.

In addition to branches just cracking and falling down (which... by the way... is a horribly startling sound when you're outside near the trees that are cracking) we also had our birch trees just bend over under the weight of the snow covered leaves.

There are two birches at the front corner of our house.  One leaned right over onto the house.  We were sad to see that it also lost a big branch.

The 2nd tree actually bent right down to say hello to our little picket fence.  It bent over in the major ice we had last Winter... but not this much.

When I say the tree bent down... I mean it REALLY bent.  It usually comes back... but it looks like it's given up this time.  Sadly, I'm afraid we're going to have to say goodbye to our birch trees.

Does it look like Ana and Zoe were concerned at all by the almost blizzard conditions and the sound of snapping trees and the thumps of branches falling all around???

We're going to have to say goodbye to some of our trees, but we came out of "Treemageddon" relatively well.  A few lost trees.  48 hours of no power (no cable, no phone, no internet, etc).  But... we have a wood burning stove and were able to buy some wood so we had heat.  We knew there was a threat of power failing so we charged up everything we could (portable dvd, phones, ipad).  I have a candle obsession so we had light.  We have the grill and a gas stove (so we could light the burners) so we could cook dinner. 

The worst part of it for me?  I was also sick.  The worst head cold I've had in more years than I can say.  It was miserable to want to just lay on the couch and not be able to turn the tv on for the kids.  I survived though (although I still feel crappy).

School was closed on Monday and Tuesday.  We've already used the 2 snow days that were built into the public school schedule.  Oh well.  After a snow storm in October I can't imagine we'll make it through the Winter without another snow day (or 2...3...4... sigh).  What can you do?

AND FINALLY... Halloween was "postponed" by the town until Friday 11/4.  That seems just wrong, but I was actually thrilled.  We were either going to have to skip trick-or-treating or walk around bundled in snow boots and winter coats trying to avoid downed trees and power lines in a pitch black powerless neighborhood (how do you even tell who's participating when they can't turn on their porch light???)

It certainly made for a  memorable Halloween weekend.

This is seriously NOT what October in New Jersey should look like.  I would like to put in a request that this not happen again next year.  I didn't get any fall leave pictures.  That stinks.

Oh... and also... this is not the result of a proper shoveling technique.  (But it might be the result of trying to knock snow out of trees so you don't lose your cable.  Maybe.)