Dry January: Discuss Over Pinot Noir

It’s almost February, which means dry January is coming to a close. We’re going to make it! My husband and I bid farewell to libations this month to activate our attempts at healthier lifestyles. I also recommitted myself to the gym, which is always more crowded in January. I read somewhere that by February 1st 80 percent of resolutions have ended in failure. Talk about depressing.

I don’t want to go down the road of why people fail. There’s no need for psychology debriefs or spiritual pep talks right now. Instead I’d like to discuss the comeback kid mentality. Last week a plague overtook our household. No one went anywhere for 8 days. Cabin fever is real, sick kids without wine sucks, and Pedialyte pops save sanity. I feel like it will take me a month to catch up to all of life, which was sidelined for repeat episodes of Paw Patrol and the Frozen soundtrack.

I didn’t get to the gym for 8 days. I was bummed. I admit this is usually the palpable point of derailment for me. But I’m serious about this transformation thing. I don’t like to use the word resolution because it has too many pressure-filled attachments and innuendos. I’d rather go with a lifestyle for the long-term. So I hustled to make it happen this a.m. It was challenging, exhausting, and I’ll be feeling the impact for a few days. But guess what? I’m already happier, more fulfilled, and productive because I worked out. There’s no denying that I’ll drag my butt to the gym every time. However, I go back for the empowerment that happens at the end, which carries me to my next beginning.

So what about the comeback? Did you falter this January? Who cares. Tomorrow’s a new day. We can discuss more after February 1st…over a glass of pinot noir. Here’s to second chances and change.