Drew University Public Events

As I mentioned in last week’s post, with three colleges in our town, or just over our border, Madison has an amazing number of high-quality events available to us! Many sports, theater, art, literature, history, and social events are open to the public, and are great opportunities to get the town and schools more connected. Last week I focused on events at Fairleigh Dickinson (Florham Campus). Next week I will highlight College of St Elizabeth. This week, I’ll delve into public events at Drew University. Some events are sponsored by Drew, but others just use facilities on the Drew campus.


Drew University Public Events


Drew Sports: When our son was young, we took him to see many basketball games at Drew. We went as a family, and also with his Cub Scout pack. It was the perfect event for kids to be able to see “big kids” play basketball (and much easier and cheaper than seeing professional games). We've also gone to some soccer games with his soccer team.

Drew University men’s teams include baseball, basketball, cross country, fencing, golf, lacrosse, soccer, swimming & diving, and tennis. Women’s teams include basketball, cross country, equestrian, fencing, field hockey, golf, lacrosse, soccer, softball, swimming & diving, and tennis. Here is a link to the sports event calendar: www.drewrangers.com/calendar.aspx

Summer Sports Camps: For the past two years, my son has enjoyed the Lenny Armuth Soccer Camp, a boys soccer one-week day camp run by the head coach of the Drew Rangers. (Though he loves the soccer aspect of the camp, he especially enjoys eating at the Drew cafeteria for lunch!) There are other similar summer sports camps for kids at Drew for soccer (boys and girls), basketball (boys and girls), field hockey, and tennis. Click here for information.

FC Motown: This past spring, we heard that FC Motown, a soccer team in the National Premier Soccer League, had its home field at Drew University. We went to several games, including their finals game against Miami FC (unfortunately they lost). It was so great to see such a professional game so close to home! (We can actually hear the game from our back deck!) Their schedule will start back up again in May.


Student plays: New student plays get their first public airing with the Plays in Progress series (free). The first annual “Out-of-the-Box Festival” is a collaboration between theater and dance departments, and will take place Nov 29-Dec 5. Click here for details on this and other Drew theater productions.

Shakespeare Theater of New Jersey: We are so fortunate to have this professional theater that puts on plays by Shakespeare and other well-known playwrights. The season runs from May through December. Charley’s Aunt (by Brandon Thomas) plays though November 18. A Winter’s Tale (Shakespeare) will be playing December 5-30. Click here for details.

Life-Long Learning/Lectures/Literature

For upcoming lectures and workshops, visit here and here.


Drew holds many professional (charge admission) and student/community (often free) concerts. Free student concerts include the flute ensemble, jazz ensemble, chamber orchestra, and composers concert. Click here for more information.


For information on the art shows (and opening receptions) at the Dorothy Young Center for the Arts, click here.


Drew University is located at 36 Madison Avenue, Madison, NJ. Visit www.drew.edu for more information on Drew and events.