My Dream Man (book review & giveaway)

About the book:

When Samantha, a home health nurse, has her first orgasm after waking from an erotic dream about Greg, a scientist and son of her newest patient, she’s both captivated and confused.

Greg’s the opposite of her type, but Samantha feels compelled to get to know the eccentric workaholic, and she soon discovers it’s futile to fight chemistry.

**CONTENT WARNING: Due to mature content, recommended for readers aged 18+**

"After reading this book I’ll never be able to look at a nerdy guy without blushing. My Dream Man by Marie Solka sizzles.” ~ author Deborah Brown

"I've always thought smart guys were hot. This book proves it. I also loved the relationship advice Sam's elderly patient gave her. She was a riot. My Dream Man is definitely a fun read." - review from Amazon

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My review:

I could not put this book down!  Last night I was just reading and reading and I suddenly looked at the clock and it was 3am!!!  It's just such a great read.  Easy... but a real page turner.  I was as captivated with Greg as Sam was.  His quirkiness was just so unbelievably endearing.  They were so sweet.

I really loved Sam's relationships, not only with Greg... but with her sister, Tabby, her mom, and especially her patient, Mrs. Myszkowski,  All of the characters were so complete.  The different side stories made the book really interesting.  It wasn't solely focused on Sam and Greg's romance.  It was about family... and values... and making connections.  At the end of the book I really feel like these are people that I know.  I love books that draw me into a full and complete world.

I have to say that through the entire book I just kept waiting for something horrible to happen.  You know the stories where they're so happy and so in love and life is perfection and then they finally say they love each other and then there's a car crash and one of them dies... or something equally horrible.  Each chapter finished and I would just think "they're just so damned perfect together" and then I would start the next chapter thinking "oh, please don't let him get cancer" or "please don't let her screw this up by getting swept up by her ex".  I refuse to tell you if the entire book was nothing but bliss... or if some tragedy would strike.  Just know... My Dream Man did not disappoint.

About the author:

Marie Solka is the pen name of women’s fiction author Kim Cano. While Kim writes emotionally-charged book club reads that often bring readers to tears, Marie pens steamy romance. My Dream Man is Marie’s debut novel.

Marie lives in the Chicago suburbs with her husband and cat.

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